How to invest

Choose your fund and investment pathway

There are a number of ways you can invest in our funds: directly (online or via a PDF form), via a third-party platform, or the ASX’s mFund Settlement Service. The pathway will differ based on the fund and whether you’re investing with us for the first time, or already have an existing account.

Click on the “Invest Now” button below, and we will guide you through the necessary steps.

Invest Now

Invest via a platform

  • BT Asgard (Master Trust, Employee Super, Infinity eWrap)
  • BT (Panorama)
  • CFS (FirstChoice, FirstWrap, IX (PIS))
  • Hub24 (Super, IDPS)
  • Macquarie Wrap (IDPS, Super)
  • Mason Stevens
  • Netwealth (Super Service, Wrap Service, IDPS)
  • Oasis (Wealthtrac)
  • Powerwrap (Super, Pension, Smartwrap)
  • Wealthtrac
  • Wealth O2

Contact the platform directly for further details.